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Three More Season Two Webisodes!

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Finally in June, we were able to get some good setups over the good terrain we’ve always loved to chase. For most of 2011, we spent an inordinate amount of time in the hills and trees of the eastern parts of our region — and only just barely scratched our way back west for late May.

These three webisodes are all from different days, so we’ll present them in chronological order here:

“Colorado or Bust”

This was actually one of my first forays into Colorado, it ended up being a lot like the rest. A largely high based storm prompted a tornado warning but never really got going. Meanwhile our second choice for this day went nuts in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Oh well, right?

“Earth Suckers from Kansas”

This is a chase of ours that I think is highly underrated. This was an extremely powerful tornado warned supercell near Greensburg, KS — with inflow winds sucking in dust and turning the entire sky a brownish/red color. Most chasers were on their way to Nebraska and missed this amazing storm.

“All Caught up in Kansas”

This was a severe forecast error day, but proof we really couldn’t miss in 2011. We were literally over 100 miles away from where storms eventually fired, completely whiffing on the target. However, we somehow managed to not only catch up to the storms, but be in a good position to see a unique tornado off of the backside of it.