The Rhea Wildfire Continues to Burn on Day 6 (Videos)

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Welcome back to Wildfire Wahoos, where we chase down the world’s wildest wildfires!

…Ok that’s a great name if we were looking for wildfires all the time, and it may feel like that’s all we’re doing these days — but I promise you storms will be coming soon. Which is good, because the Rhea Wildfire may persist until we get some storms.

Yesterday, with extremely critical fire wx conditions which the NWS Norman called ‘historic’, the Rhea Wildfire in Northwest Oklahoma broke loose and started rushing north and east towards US 270.

We were there almost from the get go as the fire spread to and then across the highway. With such plentiful fuel in this region, the inferno was impossible to stop while it burned through groves of Cedar trees which lined the area near the highway.

We left the wildfire just before the wind shift hit just after 10pm, but the eerie glow of the fire filling the horizon is one you don’t easily forget.

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