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“The Bust” — The Less Glamorous Side of Storm Chasing

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Busting in storm chasing means you spend a ton of money and time going to a place far from anywhere to sit and watch storms struggle to get going. All of that time and energy is spent waiting on something that’ll never come. Welcome to the pain of a bust…

When we set out to do the Tornado Titans series, and that was after the initial success of the “Texas Two Step” video, I wanted to make sure we told the whole story of chasing.

That, of course, meant dedicating one of our ten planned webisodes to the storm chasing bust. Without a doubt, I wanted to ensure that we told this story amongst others, because I felt it was just an important part of chasing.

Interestingly enough, this episode was one of the better received when it released — because at the time it was something new and a new perspective on chasing. Now the subject has been done many other times, so it’s not as new and fresh — but I still think it represents that pain for sure.

Give it a watch, and feel sorry for us all at the same time!