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Talking Storm Chasing and Tornadoes with!!

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I recently had a long conversation with’s Matt Young about storm chasing and tornadoes, which was featured in a new story on the site yesterday. You can read a lot of the fruits of that conversation in the article linked above, here’s a snippet:

The Titans were the forefathers of producing the biggest, baddest online tornado content. Their web series, which offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse documenting the crew’s efforts to locate and track the United States’ wildest weather, racked up over half a million hits for their debut season in 2010 alone.

Despite the danger of his work, Mr Sanner reckons the results are worth it.

“It’s the best reality TV on the planet”.

He learned the power of tornadoes from a young age, seeing them rip asphalt from roads, houses from their foundations, and entire communities flattened in one foul swoop.


Needless to say it was a fun conversation introducing someone to the chase and weather culture of the Plains. Be sure to give the article a read here.