“Super”cells Along the Red River, Some Decent Lightning – March 26, 2018

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Sooooooooooo….we finally had a day underperform low expectations in 2018.

An enhanced risk was issued all the way up to SW Oklahoma and today we had some reasonably high hopes for some powerful supercells producing large hail in the northern part of that target area. We were on Oklahoma TV duty, so we had to hug the Red River, but it seemed optimistic to get some decent supercells in our target region in the morning.

However, we couldn’t keep storms from forming all morning along and north of the River, which seemed to zap the atmosphere a bit. On top of that, our cells could never get fully isolated and ended up having outflow continually undercut them. Thus, our ‘super’cells were anything but super.

Saw some cool lightning, some heavy rain, but ultimately…the day didn’t meet expectations. Time to await the next system!