Storm Anatomy Diagram: May 13, 2018 Supercell

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Its our first diagram in awhile!

Today, we’re looking at the May 13, 2018 supercell near Childress, Texas and going through and digesting what this storm’s tornado potential is!

What we look for when it comes to storms and tornado potential and discerning how big of a threat is present is straightforward:

-Is there a lowered area underneath the updraft that’s persistently present with consistent upward motion into it?
-Is there an area under the updraft (preferably the lowered area) with persistent rotation that lasts more than a couple of minutes?

If the answer to both of these is yes, then the tornado potential for a storm is relatively high. If a lowering is present but not rotating or if the base is rotating with no lowering — that doesn’t mean a tornado can’t form, just its probably a lower chance than if both items were present when it comes to a typical supercell tornado evolution.

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