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Storm Anatomy 101

Storms are complex works of nature, with many different parts which make up the whole.

In storm Anatomy 101, our goal is to teach you some of the basics of how storms function and how to look at a storm and visually identify several of the most major parts of storms, specifically supercell thunderstorms.

This course is made up of a few different lessons starting with the foundational aspects of storm structure and leading to more complex subjects as well as examples we dive into.

Here’s a list of topics this course covers:

  • The Basics of Storm Anatomy: Updrafts, Downdrafts. How a storm functions on a basic level.
  • Supercell Anatomy: A Look At Supercells and what parts make up the whole.
  • Tornadic Storm Anatomy: Tornadic thunderstorms all have a lot in common in terms of structure. We take a look at these areas.
  • Misc Storm Features: Different items which don’t fit in the categories above, but are important to know.
  • Examples: We diagrammed a few storms to show what different storms look like, yet to also demonstrate the same basic parts make up most storms.