Capturing Incredible.

Shelf Cloud Rolling Over Sydney Harbor

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In the Southern Hemisphere, they are in the middle of their storm system now as Spring blooms and summer approaches. That means that we get some pretty cool views of storms from down under quite often this time of year, and yesterday was no different.

Yesterday a strong thunderstorm pushed into Sydney with a pretty sculpted shelf cloud — wowing residents and making international media freak out, calling the shelf cloud a ‘tsunami cloud’.

Which incidentally, kind of sounds cool.

Regardless, check out this time-lapse of the shelf moving into Sydney:

The shelf also prompted a few cool pics, the most notable was this one:

They’re going to need a bigger boat for sure.

And yes plains residents — we see these things (and probably much more impressive) all the time…we’ll give the fine folks at Sydney some slack because the shelf in motion did look pretty cool.