Severe Storm in the Red River Valley Near Madill, OK – April 6, 2018

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Today was my first chase of April and it was…ok. Yes let’s go with ok.

A couple of notes: I was doing some work with the TV station today, so we were concentrating on Southern Oklahoma which was fine. The goal was to get out, see a storm with some hail and test out some of the new equipment we’ve installed so that things are ready to rock and roll when the big stuff comes around.

And I must note I’ve always hated the ‘testing equipment’ excuse for chasing…but now that I’m getting a bit less minimalist with the setup it was legit one of the goals and adjustments are going to be made with things going forward.

Regardless, I ended up seeing TWO severe warned cells today. One over Lake Texoma and another near Madill, Oklahoma. The first I never got a close approach to and the second we sampled the core but only ended up with very small hail.

Surprisingly, the dryline did fire today which let to some tornado reports and supercells across Texas. Its a day I probably should’ve taken more seriously in that regard but everyone has one of those days where you don’t take it seriously and it way overperforms expectations. Good to get mine out of the way early!

Looks like chasing next week!