Rhea Wildfire Day Five Recap (April 16, 2018)

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We are now at day five of the Rhea Wildfire and the fire is still burning strong, especially along the canyon lands near the Canadian River Valley.

As conditions worsened today during the afternoon, the wildfire continued to burn from as far south as just west of Fay, OK to as far north as near Seiling, Oklahoma.

There was also a bit of a flare up on the west side of the fire closer to Leedey as well.

We documented the fire mainly in the Seiling to Fay corridor today with the expectation that as humidities plummet tomorrow with rising temperatures and winds, this area could be ground zero for another rapid spread of the fire.

Firefighters are working as best they can, but with conditions being so tough and with so many areas where resources are needed — we may need to wait for the rain to come on Friday/Saturday before this fire is fully out.