No Chasing in Sight So Let’s Play a Fun Thought Experiment!

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So we’re starting a new Vlog series because last year’s was pretty successful. And stuff. Hi there.

OK now that we’ve done an awkward intro, let’s get this party started. Today’s Vlog talks a bit about what we want to do with this format in 2018 (a lot), talks about our storm chase chances in the immediate term (a little), and then we PLAY A GAME.

This one is hosted by Chris but we promise to make the other guys host some too!

The rules of the game (so you can have them in text form):

Objective: You are being forced to forecast all of chase season 2018 with just three model graphics the entire season. You have to pick three and only three but they can’t be any of the following…

Rule 1: Any composite or multi-parameter graphics. You can do things like CAPE, but you can’t do something that combines parameters into a composite parameter (so Supercell Composite or SigTor is out).

Rule 2: You can’t use any precip fields at all. So no simulated radar or accumulated precip. You have to use your three to forecast storm location and formation chances.

Watch the video to see which three Chris picks and then add a comment which which three you would pick below!