New Mexico – Land of Enchantment for Storm Chasers

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When you think of tornado alley people will typically think of states like Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, South Dakotaaaaaa…..but no one really goes straight to New Mexico.

But, New Mexico is a state that’s as much a part of the Alley as any other.

In fact, New Mexico averages a sneaky quiet 10 tornadoes per year based on more modern tornado statistics.

And just as important as tornadoes for chasers, there are a ton of other days where supercells are able to form in the state.

Indeed, New Mexico is a hidden gem of storm chasing — with its arid, rough landscapes mixed with beautiful supercell structure, its truly one of a kind for storm chasing.

Today we’re celebrating New Mexico’s uniqueness with a trifecta of chases. One near Carlsbad from a few years ago and two more in the Northern parts of the state last Summer.

Let’s get this party started!