When the Shear Goes Poorly: Tornado Producing Supercells in Oklahoma on May 2, 2018

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There were a lot of tornadoes around the Southern Plains on May 2, 2018 — but few were visible and none exactly photogenic due to what is best described as less than perfect shear.

Either due to messy storm modes leading to HP evolutions or storms really having trouble thriving, the wind shear was responsible for a lot of the problems from the 5/2/18 day.

We still ended up being near a few tornadoes which were heavily wrapped in rain — but no thank you on going up and trying to shake hands with a hidden monster in the rain (we’re not after dying out there you know). The shear was better all day in SW OK which is where the strongest tornadoes of the day happened and only got better in the evening as storms grew upscale into a line across Central Oklahoma.

When chasing, when you know you have the instability and moisture for big time severe but storms are struggling its either a cap thing or a shear thing — and today it was a shear thing.

In this video we do some talking about hodographs and skew-Ts — and also talk about wind shear. We don’t have a hodograph video yet but links are below for a primer on wind shear and Skew-Ts!

Skew-T Lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQaWEaJMO0dOnhlhqLBinp2kMcPwsH6fa
Wind Shear Primer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3goLsXtRhg