LP Supercell in the Texas Panhandle – May 25, 2018

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The May 25, 2018 storm chase was one where we had some pretty high expectations. There was plenty of shear/instability for a quite robust supercell with all severe hazards so we headed for NW Oklahoma to prepare for what looked to be a pretty good chase day.

However, as we arrived near the dryline, it was becoming obvious towers were a bit moisture starved and struggling against a quite strong cap. The unfortunate reality was, it appeared, we were going to really struggle to see this day live up to expectations.

Eventually a group of towers consolidated and grew into a very low precip supercell with some large hail falling in the core. The base, while high, was rather active as well for a time with copious lightning as well.

By evening we left the parent storm and decided to make the trek for new development in Western Oklahoma. However, it lined out quickly and we opted to stay on the north end to shoot some beautiful skies as dusk set in.

Not a bad chase, but definitely left us wanting more!

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