Capturing Incredible.

June 18, 2011

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As the 2011 was nearing an end, we were looking at a few days of an active dryline in the Southern Plains. On June 18, 2011 — it looked like the atmosphere was primed for tornadic supercells along the KS/OK border from north-central Oklahoma into SE Kansas.

Myself and Brandon Goforth set out for Coffeyville, KS to await storm initiation. In the late afternoon hours, isolated storms began forming along a triple point near Newkirk, Oklahoma.

We ended up on an organizing supercell in Osage County and ended up giving chase as it became tornado warned. Eureka! Chase success!

The storm eventually produced a couple of tornadoes across Rural Osage County.

What ended up being the crazy part about this day was taking a county road which was on the map but wasn’t there in reality after driving down it for a few miles. We basically ended up having to drive on the edge of farm fields for several miles before we ended up back on the road. My fear of getting stuck was not doing well that day!