Capturing Incredible.

June 15, 2011

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As Mid-June arrived, we already had observed many big days in the season and the jet stream was hinting that we were close to finished for the year in the Southern Plains. June 15, 2011 was a day where there was just enough of everything present — and there were consequently a lot of chasers who were content to head to Nebraska for the following day. We opted to chase this one in SC/SW KS.

We approached this supercell from the east as it took shape. As the supercell slowly came into view we were watching it become more and more organized, eventually prompting a tornado warning.

The storm itself had some very strong inflow winds — at some points they were 50mph+ with tons of dirt blowing into the base.

This storm ultimately didn’t amount to much more than some severe hail and a tornado warning for the Greensburg, KS area — but we were certainly in awe of just how well the day went for us chase wise with a rather marginal risk assigned for the day.