Capturing Incredible.

June 11, 2011

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As the season rolled into June, we decided to give Colorado a visit as tornadoes looked definitely possible with storms forming off of the front ranges and moving east. This is a classic June pattern for Colorado so it seemed a good idea to give things a go.

We observed a small landspout as storms continued to rapidly mature near La Junta, CO — and then bailed south to a more impressive looking supercell which was taking shape about 50 miles away.

Brandon directed us down a dirt road to get the last 20 miles done — and anyone who knows me knows I hate dirt roads with a passion. This was no different. As we moved through literally miles of mesas and rangeland, the storm slowly came into view but was high based and didn’t seem a threat to produce a tornado.

To cap the day off, we had a long drive home but heard reports of supercells in the Oklahoma Panhandle which did produce tornadoes along a warm front. That wasn’t so fun to hear about. Its never fun hearing about storms doing big things between you and home.