Capturing Incredible.

Intro to Radar Products

This course is a basic introduction to the very basic radar products. From base reflectivity, to base velocity, to echo tops, vil, and more! These lessons are presented in a more lax format with longer form videos taking the form of text, so beware this course is more visual than others. We denote that here so you are ready when it begins.

Lesson One

Base Reflectivity, Composite Reflectivity

A look at the reflectivity products within radar and what you can learn from them. Also we learn what the difference is between base reflectivity vs. composite reflectivity.

Lesson Two

Base Velocity, Storm Relative Velocity

Learn the difference between base velocity and storm relative velocity. Also learn what exactly velocity products are and how to read them.

Lesson Three

VIL, Echo Tops, Rainfall Accumulation

Learn what VIL, Echo Tips, and Rainfall Accumulation signify as radar products.