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The Ice Storm Impacts Across SW Kansas – January 16-17, 2017

Ice Storm in Dodge City, Kansas. January 16, 2017.
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Titan Eugene Thieszen (@wxtremechaser on Twitter) spent some time the last couple of days looking at ice storm damage and impacts across SW Kansas near his home. The ice storm from January 13-17 in Kansas left a glaze of locally higher than 1-inch. This caused some catastrophic damage to the Dodge City, KS area.

The ice glaze was certainly impressive, coating everything in a thick sheet of ice. From experience, this is a difficult situation to even walk across your yard in.

There were dozens of injuries reported in Oklahoma from people slipping and falling on ice, and while I don’t have the numbers for Kansas it was probably similar.

Utility crews have a long few weeks ahead of them. Some estimates have some without power for three (THREE) weeks!

In ice storms like this one, there are few trees without at least some damage. Homeowners have to spend a decent bit of money or time repairing their yards in the aftermath of these storms.

Typically the work to clean up yards and trees is a process which goes on for months. With ice accumulations like what were observed in Dodge City, there were probably at least a couple of whole trees toppled on top of just branches fallen everywhere.

The ice does provide for some moments of serenity though. Eugene was able to snap a picture of this rainbow as light snow fell this morning at his home near Hanston, Kansas.

Hanston, KS icy sunrise. January 17, 2017.
Snowshower Rainbow at Sunrise . Shot by Gene near Hanston, KS 01/17/17. Not exactly as pleasing aesthetically as thunderstorm rainbows, but an interesting phenomenon. The flakes in the very light snow shower were almost rain-like and perhaps mixed with a few drops, hence this faint rainbow.


As of this moment Eugene is actually one of the folks without power in SW Kansas. Here’s to hoping everyone’s favorite Titan Mr. Tornado Thieszen gets his power back on soon enough!