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“Hail in Texas” — Losing the Battle Against Large Hail

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One of the worst things that can happen to a chaser is to accidentally end up in big hail that can bust your windshield or windows. This is because the damage to windows hail can cause is quite costly. For us on May 18, 2010 — we pushed it too far to try to keep a view of a rain wrapped mesocyclone and ended up paying the price.

This episode is the second part of the chase featured in “Tempest on the Caprock” where we documented several tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle. As the chase continued we tried our very best to keep the storm’s meso in view by playing near the hail core. Unfortunately we were about 1/4 of a mile too far north on an east-west road and it ended up costing us a windshield and eventually a view of the best tornado of the day.

Missing that final tornado was a result of us having to maneuver through the hail and bail south to avoid losing any more windows. It was a costly error, which comically resulted in us chasing the High Risk the next day with a broken windshield.

Check out the episode: