The WiLD Weather: Guthrie, Oklahoma Firestorm of May 4-5, 2014

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This episode of WiLD Weather is about the Guthrie, Oklahoma firestorm from May 4-5, 2014. This wildfire burned dozens of homes and killed a person along its path. We learn about drought on the Plains and what made the Spring of 2014 so unique.

Myself and Brandon were actually out enjoying the dry but beautiful weather with the plan to shoot some landscapes north of Guthrie along the Cimarron River as part of our Oklahoma photography collection. We had decided to go into Guthrie for some dinner when we spotted the smoke plume.

You have to realize that as storm chasers, we’re the curious sort. So of course we went in for a closer look and what happened next was just truly scary, incredible, and in many ways, amazing all rolled into one.

In This episode

The Guthrie, Oklahoma wildfire from May 4-5, 2017 including huge flames entering a trailer park as residents flee.

weather ed segment talking about how drought originates on the Plains and how the jet stream contributes.

Tech Specs

Camera: Panasonic GH3

Lenses: Panasonic 12-35, Panasonic 14-140

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