WiLD Weather: El Reno Rocked by Double Ice Storms in the Winter of 2015

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On today’s new WiLD Weather: we go back to the winter of 2015 when El Reno was rocked by two separate ice storms which took down hundreds of trees and power lines across the city.

We also look at how ice storms come to be and how each type of winter precipitation occurs in a special segment of Weather Ed!

This was a crazy double shot of extreme winter weather for the same location exactly a month apart — and even crazier is that both occurred within days of Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively!

Watch this one to see how destructive ice can be!

In This episode

The November 2015 Ice Storm in El Reno, Oklahoma with significant tree damage.

The December 2015 Ice Storm in El Reno, Oklahoma as well with significant power line damage.

Weather Ed segment talking about how snow, sleet, and freezing rain happens thanks to the temperature differences in atmosphere with height.

Tech Specs

Camera: Panasonic GH4

Lens: Panasonic 12-35

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