Dusty/Spinny Whirly Things and a Big Line of Storms – June 22, 2018

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The calendar said summer, but the atmosphere screamed Spring. A nice pocket of stronger winds aloft was moving over the High Plains along with a big of stronger low level flow. Things seemed pretty prime for supercells and perhaps a tornado or two given the unseasonably strong shear.

The big caveat was dry low levels and the expected transition into a line of storms by early evening.

Early on, storms were supercellular and produced dusty/spinny whirly things — some of which were reported as tornadoes. A couple did resemble weak/brief tornadoes, others more resembled gustnadoes. In practice, I’m not sure there was much difference and they weren’t *that* impressive.

What was impressive was how the line of storms took shape, propagated forward at 65mph with 60-80mph winds along its path from NW KS into C OK. This line was a derecho with lots of 70mph gusts out of it.

We’ll have more on this day in a WiLD Weather episode this fall!