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How to Develop A Severe Weather Safety Action Plan

In this course, we take a look at developing a severe weather safety action plan. We will teach you on how to develop a flexible and proactive plan, as well as how to know where you should shelter in case severe weather threatens you.

The key to any successful severe weather safety action plan is to be proactive and prudent with your planning. If you haven’t already done so, you should check out the How To Get and Stay Informed lesson to learn about the different ways to get and stay informed of severe weather threats.

The lessons in this course include:

  1. A Flexible and Proactive Plan — An overview of what you should expect in developing your plan.
  2. Where is your weather source? — A look at where your weather source is coming from.
  3. Where will you go? — We take a look at different sheltering options in case you are ever needing to seek shelter.
  4. What will you need? — All successful severe weather safety plans will allow you to have a severe weather safety kit, which will ensure you are ready for anything.
  5. Building an emergency communication plan. — A few tips on how to get a family emergency  communication plan in order.
  6. When You Should Act — When, and how to put your plan into action.