Deadly Tornado Outbreak in Alabama/Georgia (Pics and Vids)

///Deadly Tornado Outbreak in Alabama/Georgia (Pics and Vids)

Deadly Tornado Outbreak in Alabama/Georgia (Pics and Vids)

It looks like our good luck across the U.S. has ended, with a deadly tornado outbreak taking shape over the southern U.S. So far, over 20 fatalities have been reported. At least 20 tornadoes have been reported as well. At least one tornado is a potential contender to end our violent tornado drought in the U.S.

In one day in 2019, we surpassed the tornado death toll from the entire 2018 calendar year. Not a great start to 2019’s storm season.

March 3 2019 Storm Reports

Preliminary storm reports as of Sunday evening.

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This storm system really brought a lot of dynamics to the south, along with some strong instability.

March 3, 2019 tornado outbreak instability

Surface CAPE values in the early afternoon just before the outbreak began across the Southern U.S.

March 3, 2019 Storm Relative Helicity

The storm relative Helicity values across the southern U.S. in the early afternoon. You’ll notice a maxima across Eastern Alabama. This would become more widespread to the east through the afternoon, co-locating with this tornado event.


Social Media Recap

Here’s a recap of some of the social media coverage from the event.

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