Colorado: The Deceiver (Or How Chris Can’t See Tornadoes There)

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This was a fun WiLD Weather to put together, only because in making it I really am determined to see a tornado in Colorado this next year!

Look, my checkered past with the deceptions of Colorado is now well documented in this video — and working in TV here in OKC that means I don’t get to leave the area too often. But when I do, I tend to migrate north and west for what I think are going to be beautiful supercells.

Chases featured in this episode include a big throwback all the way back to June 11, 2011 in Eastern Colorado and a two day chase bonanza east of Denver on May 22-23, 2015. Finally, we end up seeing how Colorado really isn’t a deceiver, I just have bad luck with Eugene’s May 7, 2016 chase in far eastern Colorado.

So Colorado is my Iowa…or in Storm Chaser terms, I just can’t seem to win there. But my message at the end is sincere as much as it is clear: 2018 will be my year!