Caprock Magic at McLean (The May 16, 2017 Tornado in the Texas Panhandle)

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Caprock Magic. You hear about it all the time, but what exactly makes the Caprock region so magical?

As we discuss that question, today’s WiLD Weather features the first truly big chase day of 2017 on the Plains: May 16th.

Storm chasers from across the world gathered across the Southern Plains for what looked to be the first major tornado event of the season on the Great Plains as conditions are high end and a PDS Watch is issued.

What is a PDS watch? Well glad you asked, this episode talks about that, why the caprock is so magical, and it ends with the ultimate chaser prize: A beautiful tornado over open country.


Camera: Panasonic GX8
Lens: Panasonic 12-35
Lens: Panasonic 7-14
Lens: Panasonic 14-140