Touring the Impacts of the “Bomb Cyclone”: Tornadoes, A Blizzard, Epic Wind

///Touring the Impacts of the “Bomb Cyclone”: Tornadoes, A Blizzard, Epic Wind

Touring the Impacts of the “Bomb Cyclone”: Tornadoes, A Blizzard, Epic Wind

And that’s the “bomb cyclone.”

Wow this has been an epic week of weather and I’m personally sad I’ve only experienced some of the rain and wind as I await my chase cation later this Spring.

The record-breaking low pressure system that has marched across the country has brought tornadoes, epic wind, and an extreme blizzard to the heartland. When it comes to weather, this has been a nutty few days.

New Mexico Tornadoes on 3/12

New Mexico officially saw its earliest EF2+ tornado on record when this tornado impacted the town of Dexter. March tornadoes in New Mexico are exceptionally rare to begin with, but this twister was particularly stout.

Notably, this tornado looked to have formed on the comma head of the line, as this view is to the north which would put the front of the line to the right of the camera. The tornado literally looks like it is on the very backside of the line, which tends to make conceptual sense. Wild event.

Colorado Blizzard 3/13

This epic system produced wind gusts of over 80 and even 90 miles per hour across the Plains. In some locations this combined with heavy snow to produce an intense blizzard which stranded hundreds of motorists. Some drifts across Colorado have been reported to be almost 10 feet high!

Tornadoes in the Midwest and South – 3/14

Finally today, a low cape/high shear environment took shape with an impressive low level jet. Several tornadoes, one of which appearing rather strong, formed in this environment. The video above shows a pair of different tornadoes across Kentucky, one near Lovelaceville and the other Morganfield.

Anytime you get low level shear as strong as today, its a pretty good bet you’ll get at least a few tornadoes.

See more: What is wind shear?

And that wind?

Check out this video from Blake Brown which shows semis toppling over in the strong winds near Amarillo, Texas.

Widespread wind gusts over 60mph were recorded from Western Oklahoma into the high plains of the Texas Panhandle. Some gusts were recorded at 80mph in the Texas Panhandle.

Bomb Cyclone March 13 2019 Max Wind Gusts Texas Panhandle

Bomb Cyclone March 13 2019 Max Wind Gusts Texas Panhandle

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we’re due for some quiet weather for a week or so. But it does look like a more active weather pattern will return sometime after the 20th. The heart of storm season is still coming!


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  1. Roland Sanders March 14, 2019 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    You left out the severe flooding going on in a large area of central and eastern Nebraska. Some areas in Nebraska are suffering from catastrophic flooding due to excessive rain falling onto heavy snow cover and saturated, frozen ground. This in combination of massive ice jam flows in some of our major river systems and creeks which excessive runoffs are emptying into them.

    • Raychel Sanner March 14, 2019 at 10:21 pm - Reply

      This is so true! So many impacts that this one has honestly slipped my mind but it’s nonetheless impressive!

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