Behind the Scenes: Random Clips of Shenanigans from 5/11/17

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We’re going to keep showing these off on a regular basis of all the times we mess up with recordings or any other random light-hearted moments from chase days both past and relatively recent.

Today’s Behind the Scenes moments come from the May 11, 2017 chase. We were pretty excited about this one as it crept up on us and looked pretty good by the morning of. Unfortunately we weren’t able to be on the best storm of the day (only could briefly see it while getting some car issues figured out) and the best storm of the day for us happened AFTER we got home. It was one of those.

Regardless, there’s some fun moments in this one from Chris forgetting what day it was to the Pugs making a guest appearance, to Eugene’s super casual method of chasing on this day at least (seriously look how relaxed he looks pre-storms!).