Behind the Scenes: “Its Just a Little Rain”

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We’re starting a new series of vids that we’ll post sporadically that features some behind the scenes bloopers, fun moments, or stupid things we do to get ourselves hurt while trying to film storms (think Chris deciding Cacti are truly not his friend).

Today’s behind the scenes video comes from the latter portions of the May 16, 2017 storm chase. We chase a lot of really scary storms. Supercells, hail, tornadoes — all scary right? It goes to figure that the thing that ends up scaring us on this particular day after seeing a couple of tornadoes was…a little bit of rain.

We were in Blair, Oklahoma as a rotating supercell was moving almost directly overhead. Chris and Brandon were admiring the cloud base and didn’t see a small band of rain about to hit the car…

Hopefully these lighter moments help bring some joy to you as we move into the weekend!