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The Basics of Severe Weather Season

Want to know more about the basics of how severe storms form, when they form, and where they form?

This is the course for you!

In this course, The Basics of Severe Weather Season, we will break down:

  • When and where storms form.
  • Why storms form.
  • The ingredients for storm formation.
  • How does lighting and hail occur.
  • The types of storms.
  • How and why tornadoes form.

This lesson is rich in content and new terms to learn. We highly suggest you give this a go if you are new to a severe weather prone area to learn more about how storms form and move about.


  1. When and Where Do Storms Happen? Storm season moves across the country each year. Find out when severe storms are most likely to happen where you live.
  2. What Causes Severe Storms? Severe weather requires some very specific atmospheric ingredients. Learn about what it takes for severe storms to happen.
  3. The Types of Thunderstorms. What are the types of thunderstorms which impact the country each year and how do you differentiate between them?
  4. What are the Biggest Severe Weather Threats? Tornadoes are obviously the biggest severe weather threat right? Actually, that’s not the answer at all. Find out the other threats which cause more damage and injury each year.
  5. Flooding, Lightning, Hail. These threats aren’t as big on the headlines as tornadoes, but they actually cause quite a bit of damage each year.
  6. All About Tornadoes. Tornadoes are some of the most fascinating atmospheric phenomena on planet earth. Learn what ingredients it takes for them to form.